Robosys Automation makes waves with VOYAGER AI at the Autonomous Ship Expo


The Robosys team made some considerable waves recently at the Autonomous Ship Expo, held in Amsterdam

The event showcased all aspects of autonomy and emerging technologies for both ships as well as small vessels and craft. Despite Robosys being an active participant in this rapidly developing sector, it is still incredible to see how the industry has evolved since the last edition of the event. A significant addition was the advent of unmanned surface vessels (USVs) being exhibited at the show.

Nigel Lee, CSO of Robosys was delighted to be asked to be a Guest Speaker, supporting the Autonomous Ship Expo Conference, where he presented Developing a COLREGS Compliant Collision Avoidance System.

Nigel comments, “As the Robosys name has become synonymous with advanced maritime autonomy, it was fitting that I was invited to speak at this key event to illustrate how Robosys’ solutions assist in safer, cleaner and smarter oceans and to demonstrate how we recently achieved Class Society Certification for our COLREGs compliant autonomous navigation software.”

Directors, Keith Henderson and Nigel Lee headed up the Robosys stand at Autonomous Ship Expo (AutoShipTech Expo) where they welcomed many faces, old and new, including some of our industry partners, ACUA Ocean, Autonaut, RAD Propulsion, and Torqeedo the latter two having integrated RADBus as well as TQBus and TorqLink protocols into Robosys’ Voyager AI software for survey USVs, it was good to finally meet the Torqeedo team!

Nigel was also interviewed by the media team at Electric & Hybrid Marine, who drilled deeply into why Robosys’ novel AI-assisted autonomy and vessel control systems are in such demand, and how Voyager AI is leading the way in advanced autonomy.

Also released at AutoShipTech Expo was this month’s issue of Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine, where Robosys was featured regarding its work with UK based ACUA Ocean, who is building an incredibly pioneering hydrogen propelled 13 metre USV, which will integrate Robosys’ remote and autonomous navigation and vessel control systems into the vessel.

It was also a pleasure helping to extend the international reach of our UK associations and supporters, including; Maritime UK, Society of Maritime Industries (SMI), Maritime UK Solent, and the National Oceanography Centre‘s Marine Robotics Innovations Centre.

Roll on Autonomous Ship Expo 2025!

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