Smart Autonomous Navigation for Commercial Survey USVs

Affordable, intelligent degree 4 autonomy for oceanographic and hydrographic survey USVs.

Hydrographic and oceanographic surveys are vital for a wide range of applications, from ensuring safe navigation to energy security and construction to understanding and protecting our marine environments. These surveys often come with significant challenges, both in terms of cost and their environmental footprint.  By leveraging Robosys’ VOYAGER AI Survey with USV platforms, you can address these challenges head-on.

Robosys  has worked closely with industry-leading Survey USV platform manufacturers from around the world to develop VOYAGER AI Survey to enhance uncrewed survey operations.

Product Highlights

  • Entry level Autonomous Navigation with Remote Control
  • Autonomous Collision Avoidance
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Anti-Grounding
  • Existing Sensor integration
  • Heading & Track Control
  • Route(s) & Waypoint(s) Planning & Following
  • Scalable to full Advanced Autonomous Navigation


  • Oceanographic Research and Survey
  • Ocean Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring and Survey
  • Coastal and Offshore Survey
  • Hydrographic Survey

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