Oceanic & Hydrographic

Robosys Automation is experiencing a significant increase in demand for marine autonomous solutions for the ocean science, hydrographic, and oceanic surveying sectors.

The drive for reducing costs, improved data quality, reducing risks to life, delivering operational consistency, and enhancing overall capabilities, have all contributed to the ever-increasing demand across the oceanic sphere.

In addition, the recent advances across new propulsion and power systems, together with net zero ambitions, further complement Robosys’ offerings; including AI-supported navigation with decision-aid and collision avoidance or lock-on capabilities, remote operations, and vessel control systems.

One example is Robosys’ partnership with AcuaOcean, whereby Robosys’ systems seamless integrates with hydrogen powered USVs, propelled by RAD Propulsion’s electric drives.

Another longstanding customer, HydroSurv, features Robosys Voyager AI Survey for numerous oceanic and offshore geospatial marine data collection operations, including seagrass monitoring. HydroSurv’s REAV USVs, which are driven by Torqeedo electric drives, supported by Robosys Voyager maritime autonomy results in low-impact, fully electric, uncrewed data acquisition platforms using non-invasive survey techniques to inform ongoing monitoring programmes.

Robosys’ vessel control systems ensure that a craft is operating optimally, whilst its remote control station console enables unmanned vessels’ crews to operate the craft from the safety of a mothership or remote operations centre (ROC).

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