Leading developer of Smart Shipping and Maritime Autonomy Software

Robosys Automation

We are a leading developer of autonomous marine control systems; autonomous navigation and collision avoidance, dynamic route optimisation, advanced perception and classification systems, propulsion, machinery and helm control systems for government and commercial vessels and workboats.

Safety & Security

  • Always on watch
  • Explainable decision making
  • Improved asset protection & monitoring
  • Minimising collisions and groundings at sea


  • Dynamic, real-Time, route Optimisation
  • Reducing emissions and carbon footprint
  • Supporting the green economy

Smart Operations

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Overcoming personnel & skill shortages
  • Increasing productivity of global transportation & logistics

Automating dull, dirty & dangerous tasks to enable safer, more efficient and sustainable maritime operations.

The Team

With over two decades’ experience in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Robosys is the global leader in Maritime Autonomy and Smart Shipping software solutions for crewed, lean crewed and autonomous maritime systems.

Our flexible, open and robust architecture technology provides enhanced capability, autonomy, and value to maritime systems and their users.

From our Offices in UK, USA, India and Canada, our highly skilled engineers develop, test, and deliver cutting edge software solutions to the global marine market.

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