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Smart Shipping and Marine Autonomy Software


Award winning Robosys is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Maritime Autonomy and Smart Shipping software with two decades of experience in the field.

Our VOYAGER AI software can transform a new or existing vessel into a fully autonomous Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV), capable of independent navigation, autonomous collision avoidance, obstacle and anti-grounding with dynamic route optimisation.

We use our own cutting edge AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to provide scalable levels of autonomy, from Remote Control up to and including full IMO degree 4 Autonomy.

In its simplest form, VOYAGER AI can also provide Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) support which is COLREGs compliant, for a vessel’s master to enhance the safety, productivity and efficiency of a lean crewed ships.

At the next stage as an AI based “Intelligent” Marine Pilot it can autonomously control a lean crewed ship. Or, in a fully fledged USV, VOYAGER AI enables remote control & piloting, fully autonomous navigation and control including obstacle, collision and grounding avoidance utilising the latest AI enabled vessel identification and perception systems.


Designed, built, refined and continually updated over two decades, our VOYAGER AI software delivers proven maritime autonomy including:

  • Remote Pilotage and Advanced Autonomous Navigation
  • Remote and Autonomous Platform Control

We are Platform/Vessel agnostic, Propulsion/Transmission System agnostic and Sensor Systems agnostic.

We also have niche capability in integrating Platform Control, Collaborative Autonomy, Dynamics Route Optimisation and Perception Systems.

We can offer a complete turn key platform integration for Remote and Autonomous Control of steering, propulsion, transmission system, sensors, ENC plotters and Alarm Management Systems (AMS).

In addition, with our in-house ownership of all our algorithms and libraries we are able to custom design our own software and provide APIs and toolkits to System Integrators and manufacturers of Integrated Platform Management (IPMS) and Bridge Systems (IBS).

Safety & Security

  • Always on watch
  • Explainable decision making
  • Improved asset protection & monitoring
  • Minimising collisions and groundings at sea


  • Dynamic, real-Time, route Optimisation
  • Reducing emissions and carbon footprint
  • Supporting the green economy

Smart Operations

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Overcoming personnel & skill shortages
  • Increasing productivity of global transportation & logistics

Two decades of experience in the field, Robosys Automation is a leading provider of Autonomous control platforms for the maritime sector.


Marine operations require precise navigation, persistent lookout and constant alertness, autonomous systems provide the reliability, confidence and assurance over comparable manual effort. Our software enables the automation of Dull, Dirty and Dangerous tasks. Our extensive software expertise includes developing marine autonomy solutions for the following platforms/sectors:

  • Government & Defence 
  • Workboats
  • Commercial Vessels

Our VOYAGER AI software supports autonomy for platforms of varying sizes and propulsion systems including Solar, Hydrogen, Tidal, Wind, Electric & Hybrid.

We offer customisable features for specialised industries and market segments.

Meet the Team

With over two decades’ experience in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Robosys is the global leader in Maritime Autonomy and Smart Shipping software solutions for crewed, lean crewed and autonomous maritime systems.

Our flexible, open and robust architecture technology provides enhanced capability, autonomy, and value to maritime systems and their users.

From our Offices in UK, USA, India and Canada, our highly skilled engineers develop, test, and deliver cutting edge software solutions to the global marine market.