Offshore & Renewables

Enabling Clean Growth


Society increasingly relies on the ocean to meet its expanding demand for food, materials and energy. This demand is driving growth in blue economy sectors such as commercial shipping, aquaculture and offshore renewable energy.

Innovative technologies are enabling energy companies to improve their processes and reduce the burden on the environment. By leveraging sophisticated robotics, AI, machine learning and autonomy as offered by Robosys Automation, energy companies can significantly reduce their environmental impact and make important strides to become more sustainable.

USVs utilising Marine Autonomy are already playing a key role in surveying and monitoring offshore clean energy sources and wind farms today.



Robosys VOYAGER Benefits:

  • Compatible with all clean, renewable energy sources including Hydrogen, Solar and Tidal
  • Compatible with all engines and drives including electric
  • Enables autonomous operations which require fewer crew and therefore less space
  • Greater ability to host larger payloads with more sensors and collect more data
  • Higher degree of availability and alertness
  • Automating Dull, Dirty and Dangerous tasks.


  • Offshore support boats & daughter craft
  • Crew transfer vessels
  • Cargo and supply transfer
  • Marine spill response
  • Patrol and security boats
  • Guardships
  • Fireboats
  • Emergency response
  • Search and rescue (SAR) boats

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