Robosys welcomes American cohort of international business students from Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Robosys Automation was delighted to host an American cohort of international business students from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, who attended the National Oceanography Centre as part of their European experiential tour.

The students from Massachusetts Maritime Academy are in their third year of studying an International Maritime Business course. Their week-long UK visit aim was to assist the cohort to discover all aspects of operating, and working with, international maritime businesses.

The trip was enabled thanks to Robosys Automation’s long-term partnering with New Bedford Maritime Innovation, a New England-based organisation driving maritime innovation and sector collaboration on a global scale.

The student delegation was also complemented with representation from a South African maritime cluster, with whom they regularly collaborate thanks to the pioneering activities of New Bedford Maritime Innovation.

Robosys Automation delivered presentations with representation from both the UK and also from stateside. Aditya Nawab, CEO and Founder of Robosys Automation in the United States, delivered a presentation regarding The Opportunities and Challenges of Operating An International Maritime Business, which incorporated Robosys’ genesis with origins from AI intelligence used on planet MARS, and how it has evolved and developed over the years.

From Robosys HQ based at the National Oceanography Centre in the UK, Project Manager, Ludmilla Sztricsek delivered a presentation regarding Robosys’ operations and how the business works in a collaborative way with other companies and organisations, both domestically and globally.

Naomi Smith, LSIF Programme Director on behalf of South Hampshire College Group provided a fascinating briefing on a Further Education’s ground-breaking acquisition of a new Digital Training Vessel USV for supporting emerging and future maritime careers.

The event was also supported by the team at the UK’s Marine Robotics Innovations Centre (MRIC) located and operated by the National Oceanography Centre. Mark Hamson, MRIC Business Manager, discussed the National Oceanography’s origins and purpose, and its relationship between its operations, academia, research, and the corporate sectors.

The cohort also benefited from insights into the Marine Autonomous & Robotic Systems (MARS) and experienced the workings of the MARS Workshop and discovered the purpose and impacts of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), which operates a fleet of autonomous submarines (Autosubs) and underwater gliders in their research activities, including the infamous Boaty McBoatface.

The event wrapped up with the students touring the National Oceanography Centre’s quayside, being where the research ships are based, together with the mobile remote operations unit for autonomous vessels.

A truly international collaborative event!


Massachusetts Maritime Academy – Bani Ghosh, Department Chair & Dr Portia Ndlovu PhD, Professors of International Maritime Business


Robosys Automation – Aditya Nawab &, Ludmilla Sztricsek

South Hampshire College Group/ LSIF – Naomi Smith, LSIF Director

Marine Robotics Innovation Centre – Mark Hamson, MRIC Business Manager

Event Support

National Oceanography Centre – Alice Banet & Mark Hamson, Venue Provision

New Bedford Maritime Innovations – Shilpy Singh, International Collaboration

Robosys Automation – Alex Nicolle, Logistics

Watermark Communications – Hannah Kent Colls, Event Management & PR

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