Voyager Software

Robosys Voyager 100

It may be many years before we see unmanned vessels regularly at sea without a ‘minder’ not far away.  But we know that our technology can also be utilised in conventional vessels to augment the existing crew – the ”Smart Ship’ revolution.

So, following successful sea trials in the North Sea, Robosys are now offering the Voyager 100 package, which supports manned vessels at sea by providing an ‘intelligent Autopilot’ system, capable of following a safe navigational route, using all available sensors to manoeuvre the vessel as a power-driven vessel in accordance with COLREGs.

Robosys Voyager 100 is designed to support the Bridge team in a conventional vessel.  The vessel remains under the control of the crew; Robosys Voyager 100 acts like another  Officer of the Watch to keep the vessel safe whilst on passage.  It acts in support of the Master or Officer of the Watch, who may have a number of additional responsibilities in a lean-manned vessel.  Robosys Voyager 100 can plan and execute a safe navigational plan using the best hydrographic data available, keeping the Command aware of its actions and intentions and warning of developing COLREGs situations.  The software is available in two versions:

  • SmartAssist is a decision aid focused on efficient resolution of shipping situations on passage.  It alerts the bridge team to developing situations and offers manoeuvring solutions. It is integrated with the vessel’s navigation radar and AIS.
  • SmartPilot is linked to the vessel’s autopilot and propulsion control systems as well as the radar and AIS. It will pilot the vessel along the planned track, employing Robosys Obstacle Avoidance Software to comply with COLREGs and bring the vessel safely to its destination. The bridge team can accept or override its recommendations at any time.

Robosys Voyager 100 can provide remote machinery monitoring capabilities if required.

The Master of the vessel can set the operating parameters of Robosys Voyager 100 to take account of the prevailing circumstances and conditions, including navigational hazards, density of traffic, the prevailing weather conditions and any special circumstances of the vessel herself.

A contentional vessel equipped with Voyager 100 is truly a ‘Smart Ship’.

Robosys Voyager 300

Robosys Voyager 300 takes the basic Voyager 100 software and introduces full remote piloting functionality.  This involves the addition of camera or LIDAR technology supported by sophisticated RF communications systems, either operating RF Mesh technology or via satellite.  Additional options allow the shorebased operator to control onboard equipment and sensors to complete specific missions.

Ashore, the USV can be controlled from one of our Ground Control Stations.  We offer considerable flexibility here: the client may opt for the lightweight, highly portable GCS-1 which can run from the back of a vehicle using 12V supplies, or a more substantial installation in offices ashore, or our comprehensive mobile centre, suited to controlling more than one USV.

If communications are lost, Robosys Voyager 300 will revert to ’full autonomous mode’ which will bring the Unmanned vessel back to a pre-determined ‘safe haven’.

Robosys Voyager 300 is optimised for high speed craft up to 30m LOA.

Robosys Voyager 500

IN the future Robosys Voyager 500 will take the fully autonomous, remote piloting Voyager 300 functionality and deliver it to larger vessels up to 150m LOA.