Robosys is an advanced robotics technology company that designs, develops and licenses software for the most sophisticated robots used in commercial, defence and industrial applications.  We specialise in the design and operation of autonomous systems for the maritime sector.

Since 2001, in close cooperation with the pioneering US company 5G Marine, Robosys has been involved in dedicated research and development programmes in some of the most complex fields of robotics: obstacle detection and avoidance, machine learning, artificial intelligence and behaviour-based robotics.

As a result, we have developed the Robosys Voyager series of software, algorithms and architecture that is used in conventional vessels and Unmanned Systems around the world.

Through strategic alliances with various international companies, Robosys has developed software for a range of commercial and military USVs, which can be remotely piloted via RF or satellite communications, or programmed to carry out fully autonomous operations. These USVs can be used for commercial applications such as port and harbour security, surveillance, hydrographic survey, environmental monitoring and a range of other maritime security tasks for military or Coastguard users.

The Voyager system is ideal for conventional vessels too: it can be configured as a decision aid or an ‘intelligent autopilot’ to assist bridge teams with their watchkeeping routines.

By leveraging its Robotics Development Platform, flexible robotics architecture and technology, Robosys can turn a manned craft into an Unmanned System; thereby using local resources, reducing manufacturing overheads and reusing existing hardware wherever applicable. This kind of flexibility helps Robosys build customized solutions for its customers to meet their specific requirements.

The legal status of Unmanned systems afloat is under active consideration at the IMO and amongst Classification Societies worldwide.  Ar Robosys, we understand the importance of developing autonomous software that is utterly reliable, completely predictable and, above all, seamanlike.  We are committed to working with clients and regulators alike to bring this exciting new technology into common usage across the world’s oceans.

The story so far…

Aditya and Keith joined the pioneering US-based USV company 5G Marine International in 2001 and were closely involved in the development and construction of a series of Unmanned, fully automated surface vessels, primarily for the US Government.  In 2012, they joined forces with the Abu Dhabi-based boatbuilders Al Seer Marine to help establish a viable Middle Eastern USV manufacturing industry.  Aditya founded Robosys during that time and the company has continued to grow.  Initially focused on smaller craft up to 12m LOA which use high end digital sensors, fuel efficient powerplants and planing hulls to deliver a coastal waters capability aimed primarily at surveillance and low level constabulary tasks, today Robosys are increasingly involved with the offshore market.  In 2019 the british company, Robosys Automation Limited was formed, and Richard Farrington joined the team as principal maritime advisor and Chief Operating Officer.  Today, alongside the core ‘unmanned’ technologies, the company is concentrating on supporting lean-manned ships by employing Voyager 100 software to carry out basic navigation and collision avoidance tasks, freeing up the crew to conduct other business.