Voyager AI Co-Pilot

Onboard Virtual Co-pilot; Controlling and Commanding

Voyager AI Co-Pilot is an Autonomous Pilot system linked to a vessel’s autopilot and propulsion control systems as well as the Radar, AIS, Perception System and other sensors as required.

It pilots the vessel along the planned track, employing Robosys Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS) and Collison Avoidance (CA) AI &ML based algorithms  to comply with COLREGs and bring the vessel safely to its destination.   

The bridge team can accept or override its recommendations at any time.

Product Highlights

  • SmartAssist™ & SmartPilot™ modes with COLREGs compliance
  • Integrated Autonomous Steering control
  • Full Autonomous Propulsion & Transmission control
  • Real time Path / Route Optimisation

Co-Pilot applications

  • Commercial Vessels
  • Lean Crewed Ships
  • Workboats
  • Exploration
  • Leisure

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