Voyager 100 SmartAssist™

Onboard Virtual co Watchkeeper; advising and informing

VOYAGER AI 100 SmartAssist™ is a decision aid focused on efficient resolution of shipping situations on passage. It alerts the bridge team to developing situations and offers manoeuvring recommendations. It is integrated with the vessel’s Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) System, Radar and AIS.

A Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) to increase safety and productivity at sea.

The Master of the vessel can set the operating parameters of Voyager 100 to take account of the prevailing circumstances and conditions, including navigational hazards, density of traffic, the prevailing weather conditions and any special circumstances of the vessel herself.  A conventional vessel equipped with Voyager 100 is truly a ‘Smart Ship’.


  • Always on Watch. Always Alert.
  • Increased Situational Awareness
  • Recordable, Explainable COLREGS Navigation advice
  • Fully Autonomous Bridge Assistance and Decision Aid support
  • Simple, automatic, reliable instructions in complex shipping situations
  • Reduces the cognitive burden on watch-keepers and operators
  • Reduces the risk of collision


  • Commercial Vessels
  • Government & Military Vessels
  • Lean Crewed Ships
  • Workboats
  • Passenger Vessels
  • Recreational Vessels

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