Ground Control Stations

Quick Overview

The Robosys Ground Control Station (GCS) is a fully portable facility that enables remote operator control of unmanned vehicles in all environments using our range of Voyager software products. There is a version to suit your needs.

We know that the use of GCS is highly specific to mission types and intended use, so we offer several options:

  • GCS 1 – a lightweight and highly portable module, designed to fit into the back of an SUV
  • GCS 2 – a self-contained control suite that can be installed in existing control rooms ashore
  • GCS 3 – a fully integrated stand-alone USV Command, Control and Service Unit, specially outfitted to launch, monitor, control and maintain multiple USVs in the field.

Whichever option best fits your requirements, the GCS features state-of-the-art technology coupled with top-quality hardware and the latest cyber security, supported by uninterrupted power supplies, climate control, life support and rapid deployment options. Video, sonar, radar, telemetry and vital system information are transmitted via a pneumatic retractable 15m antenna mast over secure encrypted links using the most up to date communications bearers.

GCS 3 may be operated at sea or ashore and with an all-up weight of under 3.5 tonnes can be towed by a light vehicle (subject to National regulations).