Generic USV specification

Basic Features of  a vessel equipped with Robosys Voyager 300

  • GPS antenna
  • Light Camera for Navigation
  • Digital Radar with ARPA
  • Sonar
  • RF Communications
  • Remote Teleoperations with the following options (Joystick or Helm and Lever) Remote start, remote kill and remote start of relays/systems
  • Auto-piloting (Holding course)
  • Autonomous piloting (Navigating a route)
  • Loss of communications safety mechanism
  • Ground Control Station 1-3
  • Basic Navionics charts and Multi-functional displays

Optional Features

  • Satellite Communications
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Target Tracking Camera
  • Gyro Stabilized Camera
  • Gyro Stabilized Platform
  • 3D Imaging and Live 3D anaglyph feeds including depth feed
  • Fully Autonomous operations that include obstacle detection and avoidance using a wide array of user-selected sensors, such as RADAR, Forward Looking Sonar, Stereo Vision and LIDAR
  • Radar absorbent paint/material
  • Hybrid propulsion systems
  • Live streaming engine data
  • Live streaming navigation data
  • Google Maps integration
  • Multiple radar support
  • Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Meshed Network and Swarm support