At Sea Today…

These vessels were developed and built by Robosys in close cooperation with the US firm 5G Marine and the UAE company Al Seer Marine.


Introduced in 2015, Hydra is a 4 metre RHIB, high speed USV. The USV is designed for surveillance and security missions in coastal and inshore waters and can be carried by a larger craft. It is equipped with broad-band (FMCW) radar, depth sounder as well as low light/IR video camera. The modern efficient 1800cc four stroke gasoline engine offers good performance with a top speed of 50+kn while retaining excellent fuel economy and compliant with international emission standards.  Designed with port security in mind, it is unobtrusive but elegant – ideal for an exclusive harbour or anchorage!

Eclipse SOF RHIB USV (Bravo RHIB)

The Eclipse Bravo SOF is an autonomous 11m (36 ft) Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) that can be operated manned or unmanned, with the insertion/extraction role in mind and therefore aimed primarily at special operations force applications.

Eclipse Family USV (Oscar FRP)

At 11m (36 ft) in length, Oscar has a hybrid propulsion system for silent running capable of remaining on station for longer periods of time without refuelling and is capable of fulfilling a wide variety of security, surveillance and potentially intervention applications.

USV Type Hydra Bravo RHIB Oscar FRP
Remote Piloting
Autopiloting (holding course)
Autonomous piloting (waypoint to waypoint and Route Navigation)
Loss of Signal programmable procedure
Video Camera – Navigation
Video Camera –Night Vision
Thermal Imaging Camera
Automatic Obstacle Recognition
Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance – Optional
Hybrid Diesel or Electric
GCS Type Light weight portable Fully Integrated Service Fully Integrated Service