About Us


Robosys is an advanced robotics technology company that designs, develops and licenses software for the most advanced robots used for commercial, defense and industrial applications.

Since 2001, Robosys; through its predecessor, key personnel and multiple years of research and development in the most advanced fields of robotics like the obstacle detection and avoidance, machine learning, artificial intelligence and behaviour based robotics; has developed Robotic Software, algorithms and architecture that is extensively used in many Unmanned Systems around the world.

Through strategic alliances with various international companies, Robosys has developed a fleet of commercial Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV’s), which can be operated via RF or Satellite. These USV’s can be used for commercial applications like port and harbor security, surveillance, hydrographic surveying and a multitude of maritime security operations.

By leveraging its Robotics Development Platform, flexible robotics architecture and technology, Robosys can turn a manned craft into an Unmanned System; thereby using local resources, reducing manufacturing overheads and reusing existing hardware wherever applicable. This kind of flexibility helps Robosys build customized solutions for its customers to meet their specific requirements.