Consultancy Services

Quick Overview

The avalanche of future demand for robotics over a wide spectrum of applications is creating opportunities for companies offering robotics technology and its software. Robosys is just such a company with vision and expertise, capable of developing cutting edge technology for Robotic / Unmanned Systems.


In today business environment where many companies are looking to invest into robotics for their needs, or for companies looking to offer robotic products and applications, Robosys can help turn their vision into reality in a short duration of time. With a talented pool of professionals having multiple years of experience developing robotic unmanned systems and having a proven technology that is being used by various international organizations, Robosys can leverage its knowledge, personnel and infrastructure to facilitate the customer in releasing quality products that meet industry standards and quality requirements. The full suite of Robosys’s Solutions and Services include:

  • Total turnkey solutions for all your robotics requirements (UGV, USV, UAV, UUV)
  • Mission and Area Analysis for deployment of Unmanned Systems
  • Feasibility studies for robotics requirements
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Personnel and Software Training services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Customized Software services, Control Systems and Ground Control Software for Unmanned Systems
  • 3D Video Streaming solutions
  • GeoReferencing and 3D Mapping Systems
  • Augmented Reality Applications